Over the years, many mature jacks have come and gone on this farm as part of our jackstock. This page only showcases a select few of the quality jacks from our past.


We raised this jack here on our farm. His sire is Zeb which is pictured below and is of the Siemon's Glen bloodline. His dam is our Jennie Mae from the Townley's Monroe bloodline. He was sold in 2012 to Don Townley at Buchanan, TN. He stood at 14-2 hands.



Zeb was a very important jack to Green Valley Farm while he lived, and his blood still exists in our jackstock herd today. He stood 58.5 inches tall. We traded with Bill Halsey from Lincoln, Missouri, for Zeb when he was just a colt. Zeb's sire was a son of Siemon's Glen. Zeb lived his life breeding mares and jennets here for about two and a half decades and produced a large number of good quality colts out of our stock and the public's.

Siemon's Glen

Photo courtesy of an ad by the late Mr. Siemon in an old Brayer magazine.

Siemon's Glen was owned by Jack Siemon of Kenton, Ohio and won 1st prize at the American Donkey and Mule Show six times in a row. He stood 14 3/4 hands and was a well known jack in his day.



We purchased this jack from a guy out of South Carolina while he was at a donkey and mule show at Hartselle, AL. He was a smooth jack that possessed a snow white mane and tail. He produced several fine colts in his day and stood at 14-1 hands.



Monterey was purchased as a colt from Clarence Padgett of Monterey, TN. We kept him for several years and ended up selling him in Oklahoma. He had a white mane and tail and was light in color. He stood 14 hands tall.