Green Valley Farm


Green Valley Farm is comprised of a few different aspects and operations. Like others, we do not solely raise draft mules and jack and jennet colts. The farm consists of a small cattle operation as well as hay and row-crop production, where we grow soybeans, corn, and oats. We primarily raise corn and oats for a feed source to our livestock. During the fall you can find us picking our corn in somewhat of an old-fashioned way with a John Deere 120 corn picker attached to the side of our John Deere 3020 as we make our way around the field one row at a time.

Our time has to be managed well in order to tend to the livestock and crop production. We have always primarily bred our stock by hand which makes the breeding season intense as we have to make sure the cropland is getting prepared and planted on schedule while our livestock is needing to be checked, bred, and fed. It is needless to say, we love the hard work that a farm entails, the animals that we tend to, and the land that we farm.


Mules and horses have been in our family's blood for generations. Our ancestors spent hours between the handles with the plow lines wrapped around their shoulders as the mule or horse worked its way across the crop fields. These loyal creatures helped our people grow a variety of crops like wheat, peanuts, corn, and cotton. An everlasting bond was kindled between us and these animals while we've handled them over the years. Through this bond and a love for hard, honest work, we continue to carry on what helped to build this country, and we strive to ensure a future for our beloved draft horses, mules, and mammoth jackstock.



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