We currently have two mammoth jacks that we breed to our stock and the public's. One is a 15 hand, sorrel mammoth jack and the other is a 15-3 hand, black mammoth jack. Both are really good-natured jacks that possess a lot of quality.


Spur was raised by Randy England in Charlotte, TN. He was born in October 2008 and is out of Rebel and Jewel that was owned by Randy. Rebel was 15-1 hands and Jewel was 14-1 hands tall when Randy owned them. Spur was purchased as a colt and brought to our farm where he has remained as one of our most important stud jacks since the loss of our Zeb (Siemon's Glen bloodline). Spur stands 15-3 hands tall and has a good long, keen ear. His colts have always displayed the same qualities that he possesses.

Jim, III

Jim, III. is a jack that we raised here on our farm. He stands 15 hands tall and is a large-boned jack. His sire was a thick-made, light blonde jack that stood at least 15 hands and, unfortunately, passed while he was still young. The sire was a grandson to Buckshocker Red (pictured below) that Bill Halsey in Missouri owned and sold to the late Dr. Steve Aaron of Louisville, Kentucky. The dam was a sorrel jennet that stood at 15 hands and was of the Kenny Nelson bloodline. She has been sold for several years now.


Buckshocker Red


Photo courtesy of an ad by the late Dr. Aaron in an old Brayer magazine.

Buckshocker Red was purchased by Dr. Steve Aaron of Louisville, KY from Bill Halsey of Lincoln, MO. He stood 15 hands tall and was light in color.



SOLD. Taylor is a 14-1 hand mammoth jack that we acquired from B.T. Hind at Greenhill, AL. He has an exceptionally long, keen ear and a mixed mane and tail. He even has a very smooth natural gait to his movement as he travels.